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You see it was all teme's fault, he was the one who-" Naruto blushed madly before he continued, "Fucked me into the mattress". Naruto whimpered helplessly at Sasuke's force. Sai watched as the kiss between his two partners went on, the already half-hard erection in his pants slowly growing. He was still in the Uchiha but Naruto had came and now he had to return the favour, he wrapped his fingers around Sasuke's length as he began to slide his palm up and down him. Sasuke immediately flung his blonde on the opposing wall, rapidly pulling down the zipper on his bright orange jacket and sliding it off his shoulders to reveal a white shirt. Don't worry Sasuke-kun we watched the movie dozens of times" "Good" Sasuke looked at his little pray with hungry eyes and liked his lips.

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