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To shave or not to shave? Here's the answer.

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Or who says that they just don't LIKE pubic hair on women which is kind of like saying you don't like noses, the peach fuzz we all have on our cheeks or that you don't like men having hair on their bottoms? Interracial cuckold writings on women. Historically and culturally, if you want a momentary geekout, there have been some superstitions around removing body hair because of the idea that our own pheremones and body scent are part of our sexual chemistry and appeal, and our body hair holds and transmits those things. If you and your boyfriend are trying to reduce your risks of sexually transmitted infections before the end of that six month period of those practices or are not monogamous , and he's therefore using a latex barrier with you during oral sex, the hair is going to be a total nonissue, since the barrier is going to cover most of it.

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